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Am I a Cheater? 4 Chat GPT Do’s and My Don’t

Updated: Jun 1

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This year, a close friend of mine read her birthday card from her husband of 10+ years. The poignant language, the touching message. His perfect description of their relationship. It was all too much.

“Chat GPT?” she asked him. Meekly, he nodded.

But what does this mean? Is he a horrible husband? Did he “cheat” by getting help in finding just the right words? Does he mean them any less? Or is he a genius for turning to technology to help him do something better, because it mattered to him?

It’s been 16 months since the launch of ChatGPT and already it’s become an indispensable tool for many of us in tech, marketing and the startup world. Developers use it. Writers use it. My 9-year-old is using it in school. 

Each week, I write, edit and review thousands of words. Website content, blog posts, newsletters, investor decks and tweets. Much of my work requires taking this language and making sure it’s sharp, clear and grammatically correct. Do I use ChatGPT? Absolutely! I’d be crazy not to and I’m not ashamed to admit it. 

It’s a powerful tool that saves time and can help prevent errors. I wouldn’t skip using spellcheck or a thesaurus on principle, so why single out Chat GPT? 

Since the technology is clearly not only here to stay, but becoming increasingly omnipresent, it’s important that all of us learn how to work with it wisely, but not blindly.

Here are just a few more ways I use ChatGPT:

  • TL;DR - To summarize a long article

  • Hashtags and emojis - To instantly generate relevant hashtags and emojis for social media

  • Blog inspiration - To get the creative juices flowing and generate a long list of topic ideas for a client

  • Adhering to word and character limits - Oftentimes, I need text of a very specific length, particularly for PPC ads. I can enter what I want to say into ChatGPT and receive text of just the right length.

But there are also important ways I DO NOT use it. I would never rely on ChatGPT blindly, without carefully reading and tweaking the language it generates. I can smell an AI-generated blog post a mile away and find the long-form content it produces (at least currently) to be trite and formulaic. (Hint: If there’s a heading that says “Conclusion” before the last paragraph in a blog, it was written by ChatGPT.) 

AI can not (yet!) create web copy that gets at the essence of a business and really captures what makes it special. For something truly new, and nuanced a very human writer is still needed.

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