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You focus on running your business. We’ll help the world take notice. 

Is it smart copy, strategic SEO, a knock-your-socks off web design, or a bit of everything? Whatever that secret sauce might be, we’ll work with you to find just the right mix of ingredients.

Fractional CMO 

Many startups and SMBs need marketing guidance but aren’t ready to hire a fulltime CMO. As Fractional CMO, we’ll guide your strategy and help you create and implement a plan for growth. 


Because having the best website means nothing if your customers don’t find you on Google.

Email Marketing 

Existing customers are your best chance for revenue growth. Promote a sale, share a product update or just say “Happy Holidays” to keep your business top of mind. 

Marketing & Content Strategy

We write words that make an impact, with a marketing plan that puts your business on the radar of the people that matter.

Paid Advertising

We develop and manage paid advertising campaigns to drive you new leads via Google, Yelp, Facebook and more.

Social Media

Hate social? We get it. Let Aurora take care of your strategy, design, content and posting. Sit back and let us grow your channel with unique custom posts and reels.


From strategy to logos, we’ll handle everything you need to build a memorable brand and voice.

Web Design

Let us create a beautiful website that showcases your business to prospective clients and encourages them to take action.


Whether its headshots or photos for a website, brochures, or slide deck, our in-house photographer, Jessica Frykman, will plan a photoshoot to help you shine.

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