- Content. Done differently -

Aurora is content marketing and design, done differently. We do web design, content and SEO. But we’ll also organize your photo shoot, beef up your LinkedIn profile and help get press written about your amazing new project. 

- We detest mediocrity -

We brought together the best of web design with the best of content/SEO. Because ‘good enough’ isn’t part of the Aurora vocabulary. 


From start to finish, and beyond

Working with Aurora doesn’t end once your project is complete. We provide ongoing support to make sure that your business is continuing to evolve and that your specific goals are being met.

We’re fluent in startup (and big business) 

We know how to write for brand new startups that have 5 employees, all the way to established companies with 500+. 


Boutique but also big league 

We’re small enough to offer personalized services that are tailored to the needs of your business, whether you’re a startup, a NASDAQ corporation, or a mom and pop shop. We’re experienced enough to help create your strategy, and can guide you in taking your business (or idea) to the next level. 


We’re creatives who love analytics (if not already using option #1) 

We offer words, design, and plenty of ROI. We don’t believe that data and creativity are ever mutually exclusive.

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