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We’ll put your business in a whole new light.

Aurora Marketing LTD is a boutique agency specializing in building beautiful websites that both impress and convert. Yes, we’re creatives, but we also love SEO and are laser-focused on making sure your numbers grow. Fluent in both startup and big business, we’re in it for the long haul. We offer our clients ongoing support long after their websites are live.


How Aurora Was Born

Aurora’s story began when Rachel, as a consultant for, was asked to write an article about successful businesses that use the site’s platform. First on the list of people to speak with was Karen, owner of the Wix web design agency Awaken Studio. During that first conversation, the two entrepreneurs immediately recognized not only their chemistry, but the potential for each of them to help each other’s business. 


Rachel’s clients at ORA Web were constantly looking for a talented web designer, while Karen had for years been on the lookout for a partner in content and SEO. After referring nearly all their clients back and forth to each other, they decided it was time to join forces and create a full-service agency. 


Quite simply, they're better together.

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